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Company Name Innoget (keynote speaker)
Main Business Open Innovation
CEO Jordi Rafols
Country / Time Zone Spain /
Business Address  Barcelona 
Type of Participation OI Intermediary
Providing the bridging, brokering, knowledge transfer
Person in Charge Name Jordi Rafols Department Administration Department
Company Profile
Organization Description Founded in 2006, Innoget is an open innovation service provider that builds and manages a global online community of experts and innovators to enhance technology scouting and technology trasnfer.

Based in Barcelona and with partners all over the world, our Open Innovation Global Alliance connects partners in Asia, Australia, South Korea, Japan, US, China, India, Russia, South America, Canada and more. We support the most innovative companies and organizations from sectors like mobility, energy, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and oil and gas.

In addition to organizing start-up competitions, open innovation challenges, idea contest, and technology road-mapping, we also host online peer-to-peer open innovation network that comprises members from more than 180 nationalities and growing community of millions of experts, start-ups, spinoffs, research organizations, and technology-based companies.

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